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    Sanjeev Kapoor Copper Jug With Tumbler Set of 5 Pcs

    This impressive embossed copper jug and tumbler set.Sanjeev Kapoor’s Tamra-Veda Collection will fetch you great compliments from your beloved guests!

    ‘It is said in Ayurveda that storing water overnight in a Tamra vessel. in a copper vessel, and drinking that Tamra-Jal or Copper infused
    water first thing in the morning can help beat arthritis, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and many more illness.

    ‘So there you have it, a stylish water jug and tumbler set that will enhance your home decor, keep you hydrated and help fight sickness.’

    ‘It’s an elegant 5 Pcs embossed dinnerware that has a beautiful copper hammered design which gives it a nice Indian traditional appeal.

    ‘All SK products are made at par with the global standards to maintain quality and aesthetic appeal, hence this cutlery set is crafted
    in food grade material which is durable and safe for usage.